As the demand on family life becomes increasingly strenuous in Nigeria, many homes especially with young children find that they cannot cope without an extra pair of hands. Househelps can certainly help lighten the load for families or in particular, the ‘madam of the house’.

Our online platform contains the most comprehensive, registered and vetted list of househelps in Nigeria who are ready to do the cooking, cleaning, babysitting, running errands, washing plates and clothes for you and your family.

You can also be rest assured that all our staff have been carefully selected through our rigorous selection process. All our staff come with guarantors who are fully checked, and both of which must register with a local police station. They are also health and pregnancy checked to guarantee the safety of your entire family.

Our services doesn’t just end here, when you have choosen the right househelp for your home we also take care of all the ongoing employment issues such as drawing up employment contracts for both parties to sign, paying of salaries, organising househelps’ timetables, handling disciplinary and prosecution procedures, providing on-going training in first aid, cooking, grammer and other important skills to have.

Access to over 1000 candidates

Our database contains over 1000 vetted

househelps, cleaners, nanny/babysitter, cooks,

drivers and other domestic staffs.

Full Background Check

We don’t believe in placing unknown strangers in

your household that's why we go the extra mile in

verifying their identity and criminal record.

Primary & Secondary Guarantors

All our househelps come with their primary and secondary guarantors who agree to be responsible for our househelps’ detrimental behaviour, should they occur.

Health/Pregnancy Tested

All our househelps have been pregnancy tested. We also test them for HIV, Tuberculosis and Hepatitis B to ensure the safety of you and your family.

Psychometric Tested

All our househelps have to undergo a standard psychometric test to measure their mental capabilities, maths/english and personality.

First Aid Trained

We offer First Aid training to help them prepare

for emergencies which may arise in your home

keeping you and your family safe.

On Going Training

All our househelps benefit from continuous training and development in Cooking and Baking

Skills, Hair Braiding, Etiquette, English & Maths lessons.

FREE Househelp Exchange

If you ever become unhappy with any of our househelps, you are allowed to exchange her/him with another househelp from our database, FREE of charge.


We care about the mental health of our househelps, that’s why we offer them FREE counselling to help spot the dangers of poor mental health before it becomes too late.


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Our Star Rating Explained

At, we understand that not all househelps are created equally, that is why we categorise our househelps into three different star ratings. The star rating they belong to is determined by various factors such as: their househelp experience, personality, educational attainment, range of domestic skills, quality of guarantor, age, level of spoken English, and their score at our standard psychometric test.

At we also believe that if you want quality, you’ve got to be willing to pay a higher price. That is why the salary you pay per month to our househelps are determined by their star rating, as shown below.

N15,000 per month

N20,000 per month

N25,000 per month

What is our Psychometric Testing all about?

At, we believe that you want a househelp who is honest, trustworthy and reliable. So many times we hear of horrible stories in the media where househelps cause havoc and problems in families.

The way we combat this problem is by conducting a psychometric test on all househelps that apply with us, only those that pass this test do we register on our database. This helps to reduce the risk of househelps engaging in counterproductive workplace behaviors and to help decrease the number of them who will not be a good fit.

Psychometric testing is used to measure their mental and required personality capabilities. This test (that all our applicants must undergo) consists of numerical reasoning, verbal reason and situational judgement test. Situational judgement test, for example, assesses how they approach situations encountered in your home (i.e. their workplace).

Experience has taught us that this one way to ‘root out the bad eggs’, so that you can be assured your potential househelp scores well on their intelligence, work-related skills, behaviour and personality.


“I would like to appreciate FindaHousehelp for all the hardwork they put in matching me with a lovely, smart and kind housemaid. She is the best domestic staff we’ve ever had.

Thank you!”

Mrs Lola Banigo, Port Harcourt

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Police Station Registered

Should any crime be committed, all our househelps and their guarantors have to be registered with and criminal-record checked by a local police station.

Relief Staff Available

We know that there may be times when your househelp is ill and unable to work. That’s not the end of the world, as we have relief staff available to provide immediate cover so this doesn’t disrupt your routine.





18 - 25

26 - 35

36 - 45


Contract & Formalities Arranged

When you have selected the househelp that you want, we will go ahead and draft the contract and legal documents for all parties to sign. We will also arrange the start date, disciplinary procedures and 6-monthly appraisal of househelp performances.





Age: 22 years old

Ethnicity: Akwa Ibom

Househelp experience: <1 year

Looking for: Long term contract

Wants to be a:

Deborah is very eager to work as a househelp. Although she has very little househelp experience, her background check reveals that she is very polite and well-mannered person who loves to work hard and keep her environment clean and tidy.

She is a devoted christian and always likes to make peace with those around her.

Hobbies: travelling, singing and reading.

Literacy & Numeracy Test Passed

Pregnancy/Health Test Passed

Police Station Registered

Background Checked

Guarantor Brought



(Traditional dishes)


(Continental dishes)

Experience with managing money

Operating dishwashing machine

Vacuuming experience

Making/changing of beds



Running errands

Looking after children



Washing plates

Computer skills

Gardening & grass cutting

Operating laundry machine

Experience with dogs

Payment of utility bills & banking

Hair braiding



No formal education

Primary school

Junior secondary

Senior secondary

Higher (e.g. HND)

University graduate

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