STAGE 1: Scouting

Scouting is the first process in recruiting our househelps. Scouting means that we place our “Househelp Wanted” adverts at key locations where we predict those looking for househelp work will be (for example, markets, town centres and bus stops/junctions). A telephone number will also be displayed on the advert for applicants to call and apply.

When the applicants call the telephone number, they will be asked of their name and age. We only look to register applicants between the ages of 18 and 45, so any applicant outside of this age range will be declined. Accepted applicants are then asked to come to our office to have an interview at an arranged time and date. They are also asked to bring along their passport photo and a valid ID document.

STAGE 2: First Interview

On the first interview, applicants are given a 12-page application form to fill. We use the application form to obtain their personal details, address, next of kin, education history, employment history, househelp experience, work-related skills, languages, hobbies, bank account and referees information.

The first interview also gives us the opportunity to find out more about them and why they are applying for the vacancy. After the first interview they are given a list of documents (e.g. qualifications, letter of recommendation, guarantor form amongst others) to bring back for their second interview. They are informed at this stage, that they must bring back the guarantor form with the guarantor in person for the second interview. A date and time is then arranged for their second interview.

STAGE 3: Second Interview

On the second interview, applicants have to complete our standard psychometric test which includes questions to test their maths, english, personality and their mental capacity. At this stage, those who score below our requirements are declined.

After the test, we also evaluate their completed guarantor form and interview their guarantor in person. If we are unable to verify the identity of the guarantors, we decline the applicants at this stage. Upon the successful return of all the requested documents and satisfactory guarantor information, do the applicants successfully pass this stage.

STAGE 4: Background Check & House Visitation

The referee information provided in the application form by the applicants will enable us to carry out a full background check. All applicants are required to provide 4 referees who have known them for over 5 years, 3 of which must not be their family members.

We also conduct a house visitation to verify the residential address of both the applicant and their guarantor. We also use this opportunity to meet members of their family and ask further questions about them.

STAGE 5: Househelp Registration

When applicants have satisfied all that is necessary to resgister with our agency, their application is approved and their profile is setup on the website for our customers (such as you!) to view and ultimately select.