Why Use Us?

In Nigeria today, housewives are also working women, therefore it is becoming difficult for them to handle both their jobs and house work simultaneously. There is hardly any time to clean the house and look after the children.

Hiring a househelp can certainly reduce the pressure for housewives. But, one of the issues facing families nowadays is that of hiring a good househelp. The questions that we hear from housewives are: How can I hire a househelp that can love my children the way I love them? How can I trust the person not to steal my belongings or abuse my children?

We believe that the answer to these difficult questions is to hire a househelp from a professional househelp agency such as Findahousehelp.com.ng, who have carried out all the necessary checks, paperwork and legal formalities.

FindaHousehelp.com.ng helps people just like you find trustworthy, honest and reliable househelps. We give you the search tools and security systems available to make it safe and easy to find househelps with the specific traits and experience you want.

Despite these benefits, some housewives still believe that if they bring someone, especially a relative from the village to assist them in their home, this could counter the mistake of hiring an unknown house help. This assumption is false. We can’t predict human behaviour, so that quiet girl from your village might turn out to be a monster.

So which is better? Hiring from a a professional agency or bringing somebody from the village?

Will they be background checked?

Is there risk of child trafficking?

Will they be police station registered?

Getting somebody from the village

Hiring from us

Will they be health & pregnancy tested?

Will they be well spoken?

Will they come with a guarantor?

All our staff are fully background checked.

The background information is usually limited and biased.

We don’t recruit anybody below the age of 18.

Children are often sent from the village for a better future in the city.

We register all our househelps with their guarantors at a local police.

There is no need to for this because of the added cost and complications.

Just before we place our househelps into your home, they are tested at a medical lab.

There is no need to for this because of the added cost. But the household can choose to do it on their own.

All our househelps must bring their guarantors who must trust them thoroughly.

The only guarantor is usually the person who brings them, but nothing is usually verbal.

We recruit from the city, so all our househelps have been exposed better ways of speaking and presenting themselves.

Somebody from the village will not usually have the necessary communication/interaction skills to deal with your family members and visitors..

These are just some of the benefits of using us to hire a househelp.

Others include:

Access to over 1000 candidates

Our database contains over 1000 vetted

househelps, cleaners, nanny/babysitter, cooks,

drivers and other domestic staffs.

Full Background Check

We don’t believe in placing unknown strangers in

your household that's why we go the extra mile in

verifying their identity and criminal record.

Primary & Secondary Guarantors

All our househelps come with their primary and secondary guarantors who agree to be responsible for our househelps’ detrimental behaviour, should they occur.

Health/Pregnancy Tested

All our househelps have been pregnancy tested. We also test them for HIV, Tuberculosis and Hepatitis B to ensure the safety of you and your family.

Psychometric Tested

All our househelps have to undergo a standard psychometric test to measure their mental capabilities, maths/english and personality.

First Aid Trained

We offer First Aid training to help them prepare

for emergencies which may arise in your home

keeping you and your family safe.

On Going Training

All our househelps benefit from continuous training and development in Cooking and Baking

Skills, Hair Braiding, Etiquette, English & Maths lessons.

FREE Househelp Exchange

If you ever become unhappy with any of our househelps, you are allowed to exchange her/him with another househelp from our database, FREE of charge.


We care about the mental health of our househelps, that’s why we offer them FREE counselling to help spot the dangers of poor mental health before it becomes too late.


Police Station Registered

Should any crime be committed, all our househelps and their guarantors have to be registered with and criminal-record checked by a local police station.

Relief Staff Available

We know that there may be times when your househelp is ill and unable to work. That’s not the end of the world, as we have relief staff available to provide immediate cover so this doesn’t disrupt your routine.

Contract & Formalities Arranged

When you have selected the househelp that you want, we will go ahead and draft the contract and legal documents for all parties to sign. We will also arrange the start date, disciplinary procedures and 6-monthly appraisal of househelp performances.